All week this week, there’s been beef between Coi Leray and her father Benzino. After the rapper talked about him in a recent interview Benz took issue with some of the things she said. Leray claimed that he was envious of her success, but her dad refuted the allegations and accused her of pushing a false narrative. Benz also accused Angie Martinez of manipulating the interview to purposefully create tension between father and daughter.

Benzino also shared a video allegedly debunking some of what Coi has claimed about her life before rap success. “She ain’t ever slept in no cars or sold drugs. I don’t know why she’s running with this narrative,” he says in the clip. Earlier today, Coi addressed the back and forth between her and her dad and vowed to put it to an end. “I wish that he would just respect that – again, the interview was done in June. I haven’t said anything since but, respectfully, I wish that we could just keep everything offline moving forward,” she says. But now Benz has once again responded to her claims. Check out the video below.

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Benzino Doubles Down On Coi Leray Comments

In newly shared interviews, Benzino responds to Coi saying that she doesn’t want to be his “clout kid.” In his answer he says that he’s her father and should have the right to ask her for money whenever he wants. “I made you, you didn’t make me” he says in the clip.

In the comments, fans disagree about who is right in the situation. “Respectfully sir she doesn’t owe you sh*t,” one of the top comments reads in favor of Coi. “My parents can ask me for anything. If I got it, they got it. Nothing to discuss,” another commentor disagrees. What do you think of the newest developments in Coi Leray and Benzino’s beef? Let us know in the comment section below.

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